Hans Reiser in strange Wife Disappearance Trouble

This is really strange. Hans Reiser (the main author of Reiser FS) is in a bit of a domestic problem due to his wife’s recent disappearance:

Hans Reiser, a software developer, has not been termed a suspect in his estranged wife’s disappearance, and police have yet to speak to him, authorities said. He was not at home when police served the search warrant, said Oakland police Lt. Kevin Wiley.

The couple’s 6-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter were placed with Child Protective Services. Although Oakland police used a cadaver dog to search underneath Hans Reiser’s home, the case is being handled by the missing person’s unit and not homicide investigators, said Oakland Police Cpt. Jeff Loman.

Reiser said Sturgeon “worked with my wife Nina Reiser and eventually drugged her with ecstasy and seduced her.”

Reiser alleged, “He then engaged in Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism techniques and continued to redrug her repeatedly over time.”

He said Sturgeon engaged in those techniques “in an effort to show that he was a better man than I and to convince my wife Nina to conspire with him to steal the Namesys Inc. company assets.”

Ohh man! This is crazy.

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