Flickr Photos of Bangkok Coup

I’m fascinated by this Thai coup. Check out these cool photos on Flickr.

After spending so much time in Thailand I really understand the culture and they’re totally doing this with Thai style. Even during a military coup it’s still the land of smiles! Sanook mak mak!

Check out the yellow ribbon on the gun here. It’s a sign of loyalty to the king. Their constitutional monarchy is interesting. I think it totally saved them here. This Thaksin guy seems like a crook.


Some more facts I’m learning courtesy of Wikipedia:

On the eve of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the Manager newspaper and website published several articles on the “Finland Plan” , an alleged conspiracy designed by Thaksin and other Thai Rak Thai co-founders aimed at overthrowing the King and seizing control of the country.

Democrat Party deputy secretary-general Thaworn Senniam (Thai: ถาวร เสนเนียม) commented that the Finland Plan was “obviously true”. . In retaliation, Thaksin and TRT sued the owner of the Manager daily Sondhi Limthongkul, its editor, a columnist and two executives for libel. . The accusations of disloyalty bordering on high treason were strongly criticized by some in the media for baselessly inflaming hatred.

Man. In Thailand you do not criticize the King. It’s just not done. The entire population loves the guy. This dude won’t ever be able to go back to Thailand except to face charges!

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