Thailand Faces Coup

Breaking news… Coup attempt in Thailand

I’m talking to my friends in Thailand on IM right now.

The radio and TV are all under state control now. No new news is getting out. Rumor has it that the King is in the palace and was not aware of the pending coup attempt.

The 1997 constitution has been thrown out by the military.

If the King did not support this military action I would say that Thailand will fall into a civil war. The vast majority of the Thai people support the King and love him dearly.

Update: The King was sick when the coup was attempted. Apparently this was timed to coincide with his illness. He has no official government power but if he comes out against the coup the Thai people will back him.

  1. There are tons of tech journalists in Thailand now for Mobius, but apparently things are pretty quiet in Phucket. Well, no violence anywhere so far, let’s hope it stays that way.

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