Startup Idea – Web 2.0 Monitoring, Performance, and Traffic Tracking

If you do anything with web content you live and die by your traffic. Your site needs to be fast, online, and and you need to track your pageview numbers to see how your traffic is doing.

I currently use three tools for these tasks. I use Sitemeter to track my traffic, Grabperf to monitor the performance of my site, and Nagios to monitor the services on my site to see if something is broken.

Google is trying to take a stab at this market with Google Analytics but I’m far from impressed. Sitemeter is far superior to Analytics simply because they have the basics down. Google Analytics seems to spend all their time implementing crazy features for 5% of the market. 99% of people check their raw page views 99% of the time so make these stats painfully easy to use and crystal clear to read.

The first person to build a better Grabperf and a better Sitmeter is going to rule the world. Grabperf is pretty nice but it needs a UI update to make it all nice an shiny with Ajaxy goodness. It also needs a self-service model. I need the ability to add my own services and tweak measurements.

To make me feel in control you need to setup SMS delivery message. If the site starts to get an unusual traffic bump I want to be txt’d. If one of my servers crashes then send an page to my admin.

Here’s the important part. Charge money! No free services here folks. One week trial and after that its $29.95 a month. I’d pay twice that for Tailrank if the product did the job and I know plenty of other startups who’d to the same thing.

Like the idea? Then start a company, build a product, and make me an advisor!

  1. The better GrabPERFs exist, they’re just not for free. Check out Gomez if you’re ready for an enterprise-level, self-managing measurement tool.

    No Ajaxy goodness…but sometimes, flashy and “cool” isn’t always best.


  2. you might want to track my man cote’s blog- he is doing a fair bit of watching monitoring 2.0 –

    nice to see Stephen P. posting here too – he is very smart on performance. Hey!

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