SkypeOut PBX Integration Quality – and new Cell Phone

Anyone out there have problems with SkypeOut?

I use it as a backup in case I leave my cell phone at home. It came in really handy when I was in Thailand.

I’m using it because Sprint is sending me a new phone because I returned my Treo 700p. Horrible phone and far too expensive.

I’m trying to call Sprint right now to figure out why they haven’t sent me a new LG Fusic but their PBX keeps disconnecting me when I’m transferring between departments. I figure for every transfer I have a 50% chance of a disconnect. Sure enough if I go through two transfers it will hang up – not fun.

It looks like the 8703e is available. EVDO + Blackberry seems pretty sweet. Still no camera but I think I can live without it if I can get DUN to work with my OS X box.

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