RIP Rob Levin (AKA lilo on Freenode)

Via Laughing Squid via Barry Abrahamson comes the news that Rob Levin (AKA lilo) has passed away:

On the 12th September Rob Levin, known to many as Freenode’s lilo, was hit by a car while riding his bike. He suffered head injuries and passed away in hospital on the 16th. For more information please visit #freenode-announce

Rob helped me out a number of times on freenode in the past. He was able to give me back #rojo when we were starting the company after someone essentially stole it from me because I was dumb enough to ignore the standard channel registration process.

I was expecting to be flamed by a UNIX overlord for not following the protocol but instead I found Rob to be extremely helpful in recovering the channel.

Thanks Rob and may you rest in peace!

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