Coding Nightmares

I’ve been working too much lately…

I woke up at about 2AM from a nightmare that I commented out and pushed a critical line of code to our production robot.

Luckily I sleep with my laptop under my bed so I just reached over and cracked it open to assure that this wasn’t the case. Fortunately this was just my mind playing tricks on me…

It was a pretty bad nightmare too. I was sweating and pretty freaked out.

I’ll probably have to spend a few hours away from Emacs this weekend.

I wonder what Freud would say about this?

  1. Jung would probably be more beneficial.

    Funny thing I noticed about the burnout process when it isn’t sudden and traumatic: there’s a sweet-spot in there somewhere … things are hyper-clear, like an extended second-wind. My warning sign (as in “guage is no longer yellow; we are in the red zone) is that I get a high-screetchy headache and a feeling of being constantly thirsty, like I’m in the desert and can hear the blinding sunlight.

    I was watching a documentary on one of the last Mars landers … late in the cycle turns out the parachute design was WRONG/BAD/NFG. Buddy talked about the while it took to figure it out … spending three hours a day jogging and working out. Not a lotta time for sleep (prolly cudna slept even if he’d hit the rack) but he got through it. What’s the word? *scratches head* Oh ya: health.

    Hey, I’m not kidding! Over-tired, dewd’s on his way home from the lab, by bus on a rainy night, and he imagines a salamander eating its tail in the droplets running down the window … ayup, benzene ring … major breakthrough. Soooo, stay outta the red-zone, yaa?


  2. Last night I had a dream that the bell tower at UC Berkeley was retractable, so they could make it disappear beneath the surface of the earth. We were watching as they lowered it and suddenly popped it up a little too fast and it toppled over and hurt a bunch of people.

    Don’t tell me that Freud wouldn’t have something to say about that imagery, right there.

  3. Back when my job was pretty much pure coding, I had several mornings where I was a bit hallucinatory when first waking up. My alarm clock would go off, and somehow my brain reinvented my alarm clock as something integral to software development. The basic idea was that my clock (just your cheapo GE clock radio) was doing automated testing, and each time it found a bug, it buzzed, and I had to hit snooze to tell it to go on with the tests.

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