The Future of Webapps == Horrible Wifi

Plan on going to the Future of Webapps? Don’t bother. They have horrible wifi. I don’t have time to spend all day offline without getting any work done. If they can’t get the wifi working within another hour I’m going to leave and ask for my money back.

New rule. Don’t even bother putting on a conference if you can’t get the Internet working.

Update: I know they’re trying their best but this is really annoying.

  1. Michael Halligan

    Why not just go to starbucks then? I’m not quite sure I can follow the “let’s pay money to see a bunch of people whose opinions we may care about speak, then ignore them so we can check our e-mail and chat on AIM” mentality of conferences.

    The bigger problem was all of the jerks sitting on the stairs, ignoring the fact that 4 people tripped over them.

  2. It seems pointless going somewhere if you’re just going to use the Web (which is why I don’t go to these events anymore, since I’d rather be working, like you ;-)).

    I hope this attitude catches on one day.. with the Internet it’s not so necessary to ‘do’ meat-space anymore. Conferences can work online.

  3. Is our ADHD so persuasive that we can’t listen to a few people talk for 4 hours?

    I can’t even tally the number of sysadmins, network architects, and coders I’ve turned down over the past decade because of their appalling lack of social skills. Conferences are 40% content, and 60% networking.

    The online interaction just lacks something visceral and human. The bonds and contacts made through text and video just cannot compete.

    Plus there are always free drinks at the after-parties!

  4. I actually *do* have ADHA (which I prefer to think of as hyperfocus syndrome)….

    Anyway. Yes. I only have enough time to spend 33% on content, networking, and hacking (when I’m skipping sessions). Even when I’m listening to the content I’m working….

    So yes. I can’t just sit still for hours and waste time…

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