The Future of Webapps is Making a CRAP load of money!

Apparently the Future of Webapps is going to be making money hand over fist (PDF) for their two day conference.

Gold sponsorship is $45k. Silver is $5k They have two gold sponsors and three silver sponsors so this yields $105k. This doesn’t include the $295 they’re charging each attendee or any hidden charges. Of course I’m not adding up the costs for projectors, food, etc but I’m still sure they’re making plenty of profit.

Via Niall. I think he should start charging for SF Tech Sessions.

Update: It looks like you can also pay $4500 if you want to pitch your startup to the audience. Of course I’m sure they’re going to disclose the fact that they paid cash in their presentation.

This is one of the main things I hated about the last ETech. It was impossible to figure out which talks were invited and which talks were sponsored. Of course for O’Reilly they only seem to invite companies that are friends of O’Reilly anyway.

  1. I question how much they are making. They lowered the price and have the refer a friend for $50 in play which seems strange if the event was popular. Are you going?


  2. yeah….. I’ll be there of course….. It looks good…

  3. Hey Kevin,

    The presentations that have been paid for are all Five Minutes of Fame spots, Yahoo’a 10 minute demo and Google’s 10 minute demo. Hope that clears up any confusion.

    Regarding the money – of course we’re making a profit – we’re a business, not a charity :) Our sponsorship rates are very reasonable compared to other conferences such as Web 2.0.

    Kind regards,

  4. Thanks for the response Ryan… I’m not saying profit is a bad thing btw…. if you can squeeze $45k out of Google I say go for it ;)

    My only advice is to have some way to have the startups note that they’re paying for the right to speak. There’s a conflict of interest here it isn’t a big deal or anything and I’ll probably still go to the talks but I just HATE finding out later that the presentation I just sat through was an infomercial. At least if I go into it knowing its sponsored I can take everything with a grain of salt.



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