Is ABC in violation of their fiduciary responsibility?

I’ve never been a fan of FOX news due to their clear neocon bias. I don’t, however, think there’s any sort of conspiracy theory there – they’re just trying to make money.

After 9/11 there was a clear conservative bent in this country. When people are scared they do stupid things (like vote Bush). I can’t fault FOX for trying to make money.

The situation is different now. Iraq is a disaster and the neocons are clearly in defensive mode. Bush has a disapproval rating of 66% and the majority of americans (73%) say that he doesn’t have a clear exit strategy for Iraq.

This makes the ABC Path to 9/11 propaganda clearly disturbing. Why would they air a “docudrama” that is amazingly controversial and against the majority of Americans thoughts on the war and 9/11?

A few years ago ABC was clearly having problems but with shows like Lost and Greys Anatomy they’re clearly turning it around. If I was a shareholder I’d be asking for an official explanation from the board and would be considering a shareholder lawsuit.

Sometimes its not an ethical responsibility – it’s just fiduciary responsibility.

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