Six Apart Acquires Rojo

200609051936I’ve been a big fan of Six Apart for a few years now. Not only do they have a great blogging service (and Vox seems poised to take over the world) but they just acquired Rojo as well.

Six Apart will be issuing a press release on the subject and I’ll let them give you all the juicy details once thats available.

In the mean time Om Malik notes:

Blogging company Six Apart will soon announce it has purchased Rojo, the web-based feed reader, for undisclosed terms.

Six Apart won’t be adding an aggregator based on Rojo, but instead incorporating some elements of the technology into its existing products, according to Six Apart CEO Barak Berkowitz. Rojo CEO Chris Alden will run Six Apart’s Movable Type group

Niall Kennedy comments:

Blogging company Six Apart has acquired online feed aggregator Rojo Networks. Rojo will be integrated with the Vox blogging tool allowing users to browse updated content and create more blog posts. Rojo CEO Chris Alden will be the new head of Movable Type according to a GigaOm report.

I helped co-found Rojo almost three years ago to build a killer online RSS aggregation service. Literally. Before we had a name for Rojo we called it the KSA (Killer Server-side Aggregator). Rojo lead the RSS space in a number of key areas including mobile support, feed search, and integrated social networking.

For the last year I’ve been independent (working on Tailrank actually) but still remained involved in an advisory capacity.

In hindsight, I don’t ever think Rojo was given the credit it deserved. Feed search in particular. In fact, earlier this year when Ask/Bloglines released their feed search it was pointed out that Rojo had been doing the same thing for months.

Six Apart has big plans for Rojo. They’re going to take Rojo’s RSS infrastructure and build it into LiveJournal and Vox which sounds pretty interesting. You can bet I’ll be paying attention…

Luckily, Rojo was located in blogger gulch (AKA SOMA) in San Francisco which is also the home of Technorati and Feedster. The employees literally only have two extra blocks to commute to their new offices.

Best of luck on the new gig guys!


Techcrunch has a few notes:

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but our assumption was that this a less than $5 million deal. Six Apart is not planning on continuing to build out the core Rojo products. In the press release (sorry no link available yet), Six Apart says “Six Apart intends to sell a majority interest in Rojo’s newsreader services in the coming months,” meaning they will become a minority stockholder of the service. Rojo founder and CEO Chris Alden and CTO Aaron Emigh will joing Six Apart’s executive team.

… and so does ValleyWag:

We hear GigaOM founder Om Malik heard about this deal when he saw Alden and 6A CEO Barak Berkowitz outside 6A’s office.

Update 2:

Six Apart finally issues a press release:

San Francisco, CA —September 6, 2006—Six Apart, the world leader in blogging software and services, today announced that it had acquired Rojo Networks for an undisclosed sum. Rojo senior executives Chris Alden and Aaron Emigh joined the Six Apart team as executive vice president and general manager of Movable Type, and executive vice president and general manager of core technologies, respectively. Six Apart intends to sell a majority interest in Rojo’s newsreader services in the coming months.

Update 3:

You can follow this over on Tailrank… For some reason it picked up Valleywag twice. I’m going to have to fix that.

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