Keith Olberman vs Rumsfeld

200608310043I’m almost speechless by this commentary by Keith Olberman on Donald Rumsfeld recent speech at the American Legion.

If you haven’t seen it yet then you need to stop what you’re doing and and take five minutes out of your day and help take back your country.

What I find most shocking is how this administration has continually failed yet routinely asserted they have the skill to navigate these turbulent political waters.

The majority of the nation now realizes that the Iraq war was wrong. We’ve clearly moved into a civil war now and ignored Al Queda. The Iraq war is a distraction. We should be spending all our time focusing on the war against Al Queda. Osama is still walking free and why the American people haven’t yet held him accountable is beyond me.

Even Republicans are starting to see the light of day. A house divided can not stand and your house of cards is going to quickly crumble come November.

You can watch Rumsfeld’s disgraceful and offensive speech here:


    I am glad that Abraham Lincoln did not listen to the Democrats and cut and run during the Civil War. I’d probably be picking cotton for free just like my Great-Grandfather ,Robert Gillard, and there would not be an United States of America. Now don’t take my word for this. There is plenty of documentation to verify what I’ve said is true.

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