RSS Won’t Go Mainstream

Scoble thinks RSS is going to explode:

Next year IE 7 ships with an RSS aggregator. Last week Maryam started using RSS for the first time.

Why is RSS usage going to continue to double? Influencers are doing it. As long as the cool kids who go to FOOcamp keep using RSS the rest of us will start catching on and doing it too. Just watch.

I don’t think so. RSS is great and all but I just don’t think very many people subscribe to as many news sources as the alpha geeks. I think they want products like Google News, CNN, or memetrackers like Tailrank to tall them what to read.

Want to see the way forward? It isn’t RSS. Take a look at Vox. The aggregated view page is huge! River of news for your friends. That’s what people are going to be using in the future.

Either that or a direct delivery service like feedcrier.

I’d love to be proven wrong of course…

  1. Totally agree here. It seems RSS hasn’t taken off in the mainstream. Bloglines has been out forever, but still has a rather small market.

  1. 1 Jackson Miller

    RSS Will Go Mainstream

    Kevin Burton responds to Scoble’s prediction that RSS will continue to grow in part because of IE 7 and Vista. I agree with, and take issue with both viewpoints. RSS will continue to grow, but it will come organically and be a result of greater support. R

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