My New Toy: Sony Noise Canceling Headphones (MDR-NC50)

200608290249I’ve recently started to notice that my hearing has started to suffer thanks to the mediocre headphones that ship with the iPod.

I’ve been wanting a pair of noise canceling headphones for a while now but the Bose headphones just seemed too expensive.

Enter the Sony MDR-NC50 headphones which I first saw back at the Apple store in San Francisco last month.

Right off the bat the noise canceling makes a world of different. In a noisy coffee shop I’m able to cut the background noise down by about half which means I can listen to my music at a lower volume. In 1-2 weeks I should know if the new headphones make a difference.

The MDR-NC50 is built like a tank. Very solid construction. I broke my Bose tri-port headphones three times before I ended up losing. I really doubt that I’ll be able to break these.

The other thing I like is that the cable length is perfect. If you want to walk around with your iPod like I do you can simply run the cable down the inside of your shirt. The remaining cable leaves enough room for you to pull out your iPod and change songs without stretching the cable or pulling the headphones out of your ears.

What’s the real kicker? The price point. The Bose are $300 and the MDR-NC50 can be had for $120. I was a sucker and paid $200 before I got them home. Big markup at the Apple store. I’ll probably end up returning them and buying them directly from Amazon.

  1. I just picked up a pair of Kensington 33084 headphones for the office; so far they’ve made quite a difference, and you can’t beat the price ($20 at Amazon):

  2. These headphones are really great. I bought them two weeks ago and I’m still totally comfortable with them. Never had such good headphones before and for that price they are really awesome.

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