World of Warcraft == Terrorist

This post is a bit disturbing and a good example why its so important for you to know your rights.

Then started the questions. They were easy at first. They asked me where I lived. What do I do for a living? Why am I unemployed? How come it’s taken me 4 months to find a job?

They asked me why I was visiting Canada. I was to visit a friend I met on World of Warcraft, Cara. They took down her name and what I could remember of her address. They asked me how we met.

“In an online game.”
“What online game?”
“Umm … World of Warcraft,” I responded meekly.
“What kind of game is this?”
“It’s a fantasy game … it takes place online.”
“Fantasy … like it’s got wizards and warlocks?”
“Well, it’s got warlocks.” (And they need to be nerfed.)

What I want to understand is why do people feel compelled to answer these questions? You’re not forced to testify against yourself (right to silence) and there is a solid reason why the police didn’t arrest you – they didn’t want to read you your Miranda Rights.

What he should have done is make a short statement (in this place name and the fact that it was an iPod) so that the police can do their jobs and then refuse to answer any more of these questions and continually question whether they’re taking you into custody or you can leave. Often times you can just walk out as they aren’t taking you into custody. Be polite and help the police do their job but continually ask if you can leave.

In this situation you can either leave and go about your business or you can remain silent. Once the questioning starts to ask if you have any “grievances against the government” you should just shut your mouth and ask for your lawyer.

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