Advice on Sending Email Newsletters?

I need some advice.

I want to start sending off a Tailrank newsletter with new features and other things that might have changed on Tailrank.

This might happen between once an week and once a month (depending on how often we have site news).

Anyway. What should I use to send this off? It will have to manage a few thousand email addresses and will need to handle bounces and deliver reports on what % of email was successfully delivered.

Any ideas guys?

  1. I use Campaign Monitor. Fairly cheap, hosted service. Good for small or large mailings. They also have a nice little api if you want to manage your list with them. Good tracking information also.

  2. You want to buy, not build? Surprising but a pretty good idea in hindsight.

    If you’re not already being tagged as a spammer my YMG, then you soon will be. If you do send emails on your own make sure you know what feedbackloops are and that you regularly cull bouncebacks from your outgoing mail list. It’s a bitch.

  3. I wrote a fair amount of (though I don’t work there anymore). I think it is a nice service.

  4. You’ll want to use a service for a variety of reasons. Constant Contact, Got Marketing, Exact Target are the bigger players.

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