New Rule – No Mainstream Media Fluff Pieces

Michael Arrington is the new Kevin Rose. (though I thought we had a cease fire) OK. We get it. You guys are making money! We’re super happy for you – just don’t shove it down our throats! :)

These mainstream media fluff pieces lead to hype. Hype leads to crazy VCs. Crazy VCs leads to crazy CEOs. Crazy CEOs with too much money leads to dot bomb 2.0. We don’t want that to happen.

Did they photoshop those hundred dollar bills? I wonder if Arrington knew they were going to do that. My bet is he didn’t.



  1. Speaking of dot bomb 2.0, check out my parody on Flickr.

  1. 1

    IRS to put the smack down on big dollar blogs

    Business 2.0 did an article about some high profile bloggers and blog networks making some serious cash. Apparently Techrunch’s Michael Arrington is making $60k a month, and the Fark dude is making 2-3 times more than Arrington. Wow, not a…

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