Michael Arrington Facts

Michael Arrington doesn’t need VC money. He excretes money in his sweat when he’s kicking your *ss.

Michael Arrington could tell you about the VC round he just closed – but he’d have to kill you.

Ever hear of the Slashdot effect? The Techcrunch effect is just like that except you end up with a black eye and a few broken ribs.

Michael Arrington doesn’t have any parents – he was born from his sheer amount of inbound links.

You know how Google tracks 8 billion web pages? It was Michael Arrington who found all those web pages in the first place!

Michael Arrington never sleeps. He just watches Technorati for more inbound links.

Ruby on Rails 2.0 will actually be called Arrington on Rails.

When Michael Arrington invented Web 2.0 he couldn’t decide on the name. For a while he wanted to call it Arrington 1.0 but decided that was too obvious.

When Michael Arrington tags your blog on Del.icio.us you end up in the emergency room.

Michael Arrington invented Apache specifically so he could scalp you in your sleep.

Al Gore invented Web 2.0 but Michael Arrington global warmed him to death and stole the idea.

When Michael Arrington asks you about your startup that’s bootstrapping he’s really saying you either make money or he’ll beat you with his bootstraps until you’re a steaming pile of Web 2.0 and Ajax.

Do you have any more Michael Arrington facts? Maybe I forgot a few. If so just add them in the comments!

Just for the record. This is a blatant rip off of Chuck Norris Facts 2.0.

  1. The only reason your website is still conscious is because Michael Arrington doesn’t want to carry it.

  2. Michael Arrington is so great that when anyone refers to any “He” most people assume its Michael Arrington.

  3. Mike Arrington has more VC connections than Tom does Friends on MySpace.

  4. Mike Arrington doesn’t throw a party for 1000 people, he throws 1000 people at a party.

  5. Michael Arrington who bashes people left and right. He thinks he is beyond reproach and can get away with it.

    I making it my duty to prove him wrong. So if you interested in helping the people who Michael took advantage of please follow me and Ted Murphy from IZEA.

    You can follow the Michael story by watching my Friend Feed room http://tinyurl.com/6auz7h

    If you have any interesting information to contribute to the issue please do.

    I will be escalating this to SEC and DoJ for Michael Arrington and TechCrunch insider trading violations.

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