Hire that Macaca! Republican might lose!

Check this out. Remember that Macaca video from a while back? (this Tailrank search result should refresh your memory).

Turns out it hit Allen’s polling numbers:

An exclusive Survey USA poll done for WUSA-TV shows that Allen’s once-double-digit lead over Webb has shriveled to three points — 48% to 45%.

I’m going to have to watch this race. Any software that can take down a Republican is all good in my book. (Note. I have some ideas for 2008).

Check out what it did for the youth vote:

… among younger voters, he has gone from Plus 23 to Minus 17, a swing of 40 points.

That’s soooooo youthy!

What are the chances that this larger percentage of users watched the video on the Internets. Good thing their tubes weren’t clogged.

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