Does FeedBlog Work on IE 6.0?

Can any CSS geeks out there confirm that my blog is broken on IE 6.0? I don’t think I’ll have access to an IE box for a few days due to work but I’d like to get this fixed soon. Any advice would be super appreciated!

  1. Looks fine here in IE7 beta.

  2. ie6.0 from ie4linux shows its broken. your article starts after the “recent comments”.. so effectively 1 column only

  3. Yes, therte is an issue in IE 6.

    In both IE 6 and Netnewswire, a close html comment is rendering:


    Looks like it might be related to the future ATOM feed that is commented out.


  4. Actually, no it’s a comment at or near the end of the google ads. Maybe it’s the comment within a comment below

    also renders in safari

  5. Hi Kevin,

    the nested html comments in line 185+ cause the broken layout in IE6:

    ###comment end before the closing script tag

    — >
    the nested comment start is ignored, the inner/nested comment end ends the comment section, and IE 6 tries to render the markup after ‘//–>’.

    If you remove the ‘//–>’ or change it to ‘//-ignore-for-now->’, the page looks fine again in IE6.

    I got a JavaScript error from the urchinTracker() call, but maybe that’s just a side-effect.


  6. Ben…. you rule! I just made that change so hopefully it will fix things.

    I might just remove urchin……. I’m not using google analytics on this blog anyway.

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