Comcast Launches Google Based Search

Did Comcast just launch a new search engine based on Google? Either that or they just changed something. I haven’t seen any discussion on this other than the fact that they want to be the new Yahoo.

All of a sudden the search traffic from Comcast has started to really take off. It looks like 20% of my search traffic today is going to come from Comcast. Believe me – I’m not complaining!

Updated: Om throws in some thoughts as well:

I did a little test – about five different searches, and results are identical. Google, in a big to get an even bigger slice of the search pie is aggressively partnering with one and all. I had alluded to a better relationship with cable carriers a while back.

Ah… good test. I didn’t think of that. I just assumed it was a rebrand so I didn’t perform any tests.

On another note. This is a non-trivial percentage of my search traffic. If this holds out then Google just boosted their search market share by a significant percentage.

Update 2:

Comcast responded:

In answer to your question, the is a new look for a product we have always carried which is indeed a google based search engine on our home page.

I’m unclear as to whether the Google partnership is new so I sent them another email asking for a clarification.

  1. David Stutter

    It says “Powered by Google” at the top of the search results.

    Not sure why you need to test anything. Besides, a right-click properties reveals the sponsored results are from Google.

  2. David.

    I wasn’t curious *that* they were powered by Google but *when*.

    I saw the powered by button but the change in search traffic on my site means that something big has changed.


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