Connextion is Disconnexting

It looks like Connexion is really shutting down:

Boeing announced on Thursday that it planned to scrap its in-flight Internet service, saying there was not enough demand.

Boeing published a survey of 3,200 airline passengers in April that seemed to indicate that the airborne Internet would soar in popularity. The survey found that 83 percent said Internet availability would have an impact on their future travel plans and choice of airline. Of those who actually used the service, called Connexion, 92 percent said they would recommend it.

I’d like to take a look at the numbers here.

When I’ve used connection it was on flights that didn’t have power. It’s pointless to pay $34.95 for a 19 hour flight if you can only use the Internet for 2 hours until your laptop runs out of power.

The cost to airline passengers is $9.95 an hour or $26.95 for an entire flight and revenue is shared between Boeing and the airlines.

I’m pretty sure it was $34.95 but I might be mistaken. That said if I would have had power I would have certainly paid $34.95 for 24 hours worth of access.

What I’m worried about here is that startups and other airlines will use this as an excuse for not delivering this service anymore.

Flying is becoming more and more of a pain in the ass. First you have to worry about terrorists hijacking the plain, then you have a horrible seat, then you can’t bring any liquids on the plane. In 3-4 years we’re all going to be flying in handcuffs.

  1. 26.95,
    I used it all the time, and it worked great.
    KLM lost 8 of my transatlantic crossings to Lufthansa because of Connexion.
    Power would be nice, that’s true.

  2. Flying in handcuffs? Don’t give them any ideas!

    Also reminds me of the mandatory sedation applied to passengers in the spaceplane flight in ‘The Fifth Element’.

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