ServerBeach Dinner and Debian

ServerBeach invited a few of their larger customers out to dinner tonight after LinuxWorld. Great fun and I always enjoy hanging out in North Beach.

What I found interesting was that everyone at the table ran Debian. Turns out Dan Olson (who now works for Dogster) was there too (and I already knew they ran Debian). I don’t want to mention the other company because sometimes people are sensitive about this info (asking for permission via email now).

I need to spend more time researching how valuable Ubuntu would be in a server environment. I’m a bit nervous because Debian 3.1 is very reliable and Ubuntu is optimizing for a desktop environment. Rumor has it that the Internet Archive is switching to Ubunto though.

Anyway. Thanks Garrick and Angela! The Tiramisu was awesome!

PS. This reminds me. Zoe is going on catster tonight!

  1. Hey! Why wasn’t I invited! Altho’ I was hanging out at the Cyworld launch-party… :)

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