Google Launches Mountain View Wifi

GigaOm has the scoop about Google wifi:

The network, which covers 11.5 square miles, features 380 access points, all supplied by Tropos Networks, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company. One in six access points is a gateway by Tel Aviv-based Alvarion. There are three bandwidth aggregation points in the network that are connected to GooglePlex using point-to-point gear from GigaBeam, an equipment vendor based in Herndon, Virginia. The network was designed by Google engineers and installed by WFI, a San Diego-based network builder.

Google! You better wire up San Francisco next or I’m going to switch to using Yahoo search.

I wonder how well the new skype/wifi phones would work on this network. I’m sure they’d work fine if the signal strength is high but I’m thinking about how well it works at making calls at random times (like walking down the street).

IF San Francisco had this kind of wireless I could get a skype/wifi phone and ditch Sprint!

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