Light Posting -Headache!

200608141548My posting frequency will be down for a few more days I think.

I’m trying to quit caffeine and I’ve literally had a headache for 72 hours now!

This stuff is amazingly addictive… Time for more aspirin!


This sucks. The headaches became much worse so I decided to hit a single latte. Bad idea. now I feel really dizzy, hyper, and still have the headache.

Time for some more water….

  1. Asprin for a headache? – don’t you know that a hot cup of coffee is more effective?

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

    One morning a couple of months ago I was drinking my usual Diet Cherry Coke and decided that it would be my last for a while. I would usually have one per day, so withdrawal wasn’t that bad. I replaced it with water and haven’t missed it at all. I had one soda a month or so ago and was struck by how salty it was, and by the realization that I was even thirstier after I had finished it!

  3. Been there, done that! I switched to only water a little over a year ago and it was pretty rough with the headaches. Water helped, but nothing squashed them. I had already cut way back on my cokes and stuff before I quit so it wasn’t so bad. My headaches were gone within a week.

  4. Kevin: Are you quitting caffeine cold turkey? If you are, no wonder you have a headache… like cigarettes, gradual decrease is the way to go!

  5. I tried the gradual route… the problem is its always easier to revert.

    The other problem is that the standard dose of caffeine isn’t….. standard. A latte at one cafe can have a different amount of caffeine from another cafe.

    Anyway….. cold turkey is going to have to work :)

  6. Tom M

    I actually went through the same process last week, going from 4 coffees (Starbucks sized) to zero over night. I would drink coffee just to not feel tired/sore/miserable throughout the day, and quitting was just putting up with that over the next 72 hours. It is well worth it tho… I’ve had a Coke here or there, but it is nothing like what it was a week ago. And the best part is waking up and not feeling the absolute dependence on having a cup in the morning. Good luck to you, it definitely gets better in a few days!

  7. I’ve quit caffeine dozens of times… :) gradualism is key.

    Standardize your dosages to avoid the ‘different suppliers/different concentrations’ problem (for example, pick a particular bottled caffeinated beverage) and stay aware of which step you’re on. My steps are roughly:

    (1) Have caffeine only at meals, never between. Perhaps tend towards lower-dose drinks (tea rather than coffee, and especially not Starbuck’s or other superhigh-dose coffee). Do this for several days. Headaches unlikely.

    (2) Have only 1 of your standard serving at each meal. Maybe nurse 1 other serving in total over the full day — for example, one bottle of ice tea to sip. Do this for another few days. Only likely to feel slight withdrawal/grogginess in morning.

    (3) 1 serving morning, 1 to nurse post-midday. Up to a week: the tiniest trickle of caffeine can prevent the worst withdrawal symptoms.

    (4) 1 serving to nurse all day.

    (5) Quit. You may have one day of withdrawal.

    (6) You’re free! Possibly for weeks or months! Until you backslide.

    Watch out for Excedrin — it has caffeine in it. Chocolate, of course, too. Most root beer does not but at least one major brand does. I’m often drawn to extra sweets/sweet drinks to make up for the caffeine gap.

    Good luck! Cold turkey is painful and unproductive.

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