FeedBurner Subscriber Numbers for the “Feed Blog”

Jeremy wants to know your Feedburner feed stats. Here you go dude…

Man! I’m just about to top 1k users! Wow. I’m going to have to have a party or something. Two interesting things to note. Rojo’s moved up a notch! They’re now edging out NewsGator (its neck and neck though). Hopefully Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft will take note and buy them so I can get a phat new Mac Pro (I want one so bad)!

Where is Google Reader? Is anyone using that thing?


  1. Kevin, don’t you think your Rojo stats would be skewed a bit higher than most? I would be surprised if each of your former colleagues there wasn’t subscribed to your feed. I don’t how many are at Rojo these days, so maybe the number doesn’t move the needle either way.

    Either way, you’re way ahead of me. ;-)

  2. Hey Kevin – Google Reader does not currently report subscriber numbers to FeedBurner.

    You can get a sense of it’s usage from Item Use statistics on referrals…but that’s the best that can be done for now.

  3. I have double the rojo readers (72) than newsgator online (35) readers.

    I have 12 google desktop readers too. not sure if that’s what you are referring to when you say google reader.

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