Framing the Debate.

Last night Tony Snow (who apparently thinks he still works for Fox News) said:

At a press briefing moments ago, Tony Snow claimed that last night’s Connecticut Senate primary gave voters the chance to answer the question, “Do you take the war on terror seriously?”

The Democrats need to flip this rhetoric right back at them. The Republicans no longer have the advantage of the benefit of the doubt. Their foreign policy has been a disaster and the facts speak for themselves.

From now on its no longer “cut and run” its now “stay and die”… if you hear a Neocon say a vote for Lamont is a vote for another 911 they/we should say that a vote for Leiberman is a vote for another Iraq.

This might be my last political post here. I think I’m going to start using my Vox for this (maybe). Either that or use for political posts and then Vox for personal posts. That probably makes more sense.

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