Niall Leaves Microsoft

It took Scoble years to leave Microsoft and join a startup. Niall Kennedy was smart enough to do it in only four months.

I was able to borrow resources here and there, but there was no team being built around the platform in the foreseeable future. I could have stayed at Microsoft, waited for the other 85% of the company to ship their products, and then hope support for my group might be back on track again, but I didn’t want to sit around doing little to nothing until Vista, Office, and Exchange ship. It’s easier to get funding outside Microsoft than inside at the moment, so I am stepping out and doing my own thing.

The startup is the thing my friends. It’s a lot easier to convince the market that your idea is brilliant than it is to appease the gods inside Microsoft.


Scoble blogs this too…

Update 2:

Niall makes the front page of tech.tailrank… w00t!

  1. 1 Alex Barnett blog

    Good luck Niall

    Well, I just read Niall’s post explaining that he is leaving Microsoft. Niall was recruited in April…

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