Will Leopard have Virtual Desktops?.

This sounds a lot like virtual desktops people:

10:42: Third feature of Leopard — deliver complete package of apps together. Fourth: Spaces. New way of working on your Mac. If you run a lot of apps at once… few apps required for a given task — give them a space to be in. Another task has another space with its set of apps. Shift between them in an intuitive manner. (start demo). Jobs opens Mail, Safari. Most of time working, he spends in these two. But he’s making a website. And a podcast… he clicks to another space, where iTunes and Garage Band are loaded. Another space has Final Cut open… jump to clusters of apps by tasl. Look at all of your spaces at once, if you like. Drag and drop apps from one space to another if you want.

A lot off Mac users coming from a unix desktop background are addicted to virtual desktops. I have about six, one for IM, RSS, Firefox, Emacs, Ecto, Terminal, Remote Terminals and Downloads (bittorrent, LimeWire etc). I couldn’t live without them.

Desktop Manager works really well but it has a few bugs. It seems to loose dialog boxes every once in a while. This can become annoying when a model dialog box comes up in Firefox and you can’t use your browser until you find the dialog box and click cancel.

Hopefully Apple will do a decent job here. When I get a copy of the video I’ll try to post it.


Looks like it will have them in the form of spaces.

You can read the full thread over on Tailrank.

  1. Yeah, I am excited about virtual desktops in Leopard too. My biggest gripe about DesktopManager is that ALT-TAB doesn’t work with it. I agree that hopefully Apple will give us something better.

  2. If you want an answer for today (as opposed to next spring) try VirtueDesktops – it just works. If you wanna ham it up, mix it with ShadowBook (but don’t run it that way always — that poorly written app eats 25% of your CPU for no good reason).

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