Who uses Debian?

200608071216Help me out here guys. I’m sick of companies ignoring Debian. There are a lot of hosting providers out there that only provide RedHat or treat Debian with disdain.

They might get a lot of request for RedHat but Debian is the other white meat! There are some big folks using Debian people. Its one of the best kept secrets on the Intraweb!

Right now (off the top of my head) I know that the following companies use Debian. If you guys can think of any more please add them to the comments.

Tailrank (of course)
Rojo (of course)
Bittorrent (thanks James!)

What about Six Apart? Delicious? I’m pretty sure Delicious does (but they might have changed since they were bought by Yahoo)

I’m really interested in Web 2.0 companies as well…


Adam noted a huge list here but it looks a bit out of date

Update 2:

Mark Shuttleworth says that Google uses Ubuntu internally.

Update 3:

I had another cool Web 2.0 company contact me that they run Debian but I can’t publish it…. ug.

  1. Spanning Salesforce uses Debian 3.0.

  2. Yeah, We’ve been using Debian for years and years and years. dpkg along with debconf and the new D-I stuff is totally fantastic.

  3. I’ll throw our 16 servers into the dogpile.

    Dogster, Inc rocks Debian.

  4. We (Openomy – http://www.openomy.com) used to use debian and a little while ago (a few months back now, actually) we switched to Ubuntu. Still debian based, so it counts, right? :)


  5. I’ve used Debian to host our blogs and other sites for at least 5 years at this point. BlogMedia, Inc.


  6. Back when I was at InfoWorld (only a year ago), we were proudly running Debian on all of our web/mysql servers. I’m 99% certain that is still the case.

  7. The Internet Archive is standardizing its cluster to Debian-based Ubuntu.

  8. We have several customers using Debian. Pbwiki has one of the larger installs here.

  9. I imagine a big part if it is support. Ubuntu is having unprecedented success in marketing a Debian-based server OS.

  10. Are you sure about Technorati? :)

  11. Ookles uses Debian at present but we’re likely to abandon it for FreeBSD actually. Its the whole old package / everything you want is in unstable issue.

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