Vox WordPress and MySpace Killer?

I’m going to call it like I see it. Vox is a WordPress and MySpace killer.

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  1. Yeah, can’t say I agree. The audience for MySpace and WordPress is parallel but not the same for VOX. Additionally, they’ve got the YASN network problem and the people I talk to, the more clear it is that they use it simply because that’s where their friends are, and for no other reason.

    A MySpace account is just like email, only searchable — because now, just about everyone’s got one.

    VOX is pretty, but it’s still for early adopters who share their photos, their reading habits and the rest. I do like it so far. But I think it’s a long way off from being a WordPress killer — for one thing, I’ve yet to figure out where it’s ecosystem of developers-of-cool-shit will come from.

  2. Vox is a pretty piece of work, but I don’t think it’s a killer for WordPress. Perhaps WordPress.com, but not WordPress the application.

    Vox currently won’t let you host your own blog, display your own ads, give you visitor statistics, program or install functional extensions. Heck, Vox currently won’t even let you enter in your own HTML. There’s no Trackbacks, no API for desktop clients to post with. No comments from those not registered on the service. No ability to customize your own style. So on and so forth.

    Here’s a more interesting question: is Vox a TypePad killer? I’ve seen a couple of TypePad users on Vox asking how they can import all their entries so they can quit TypePad; that’d be unfortunate, since Six Apart doubtlessly makes more money off of TypePad accounts than Vox accounts.

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