More on AOL – Just Assume You’re Being Spied On

Calacanis is pissed that his corporate overlords released the data they accumulated while spying on us.

Of course this would be equivalent to your phone provider recording all the phone numbers you’re calling.

Oh wait. This is already happening.

And now with the Patriot Act even when the company legally spies on us we have no right to know about it. If the US govt. were to serve AOL with a wide reaching request for search data it would be illegal for AOL to talk about it (assuming they used a national security letter).

What’s the solution? There isn’t one. AOL, Google, and Microsoft will never stop logging their traffic. The govt will always insist on spying on you and the American people are too stupid to do anything about it.

It isn’t a question of if the data will be abused but when. The Nazi’s used phone records in WWII to execute political dissidents. They went two degrees out and killed innocent people. The FBI spied on Martin Luther King – tax payer dollars well spent.

What’s really frightening is what happens to the data we don’t know about. When I was working at Digex (10 years ago for god sakes) I had access to hundreds of thousands of credit cards, gigs of apache logs, and hundreds of thousands of passwords (in the clear text).

What you don’t know can really hurt you.

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