New Rule for Standards Developers

New Rule. If you write a spec (like SVG for example), and want people to take you seriously, you have to print it out (in paper form) and carry it around with you for at least one year.

This will help you feel the pain you’re inflicting on all the implementors of your brilliant specification.

Microformat developers could fit their documentation in their wallet. SVG spec developers (which was 300 pages last time I checked) will need a couple of notebooks and maybe a briefcase.

  1. Hi Kevin
    comparing microformats with SVG is not quite correct, SVG is more like a rendering layer, you could easily implement all existing microformats in SVG. with a microformat like
    hCalender , you can do a calender ,
    with SVG you can do all 2D/3D graphics you like, including all types of calenders, thats “a bit” more complex, and needs a clean spec.
    see no microformat says anything about rendering, but from a rendering language, you exspect that everything looks the same across implementation.
    and hey a simple calender XML format discription does also fit on one page, its all about what you spec, not how long the spec is !


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