Google Video – Get an iTunes clue

What do you think would be easier? Google could either make their videos one click accessible by writing a .pcast file which would then launch iTunes where the video would automatically download to your iPod…


You could follow their current instructions (which are included below).

Get a clue Google! Too be fair I don’t think you can do this with YouTube.

To download a video to your iPod:

1. Search for a video on Google Video.
2. On the results page, click the video’s title or image thumbnail. If a Download button and a ‘Video iPod’ option in the drop-down menu appear on the video’s playback page, you can download the video to your iPod (if your iPod has video capabilities).
3. Select ‘Video iPod’ from the menu, then click Download.
4. Save the video to a location on your computer.
5. Connect your iPod to your computer and open the Apple iTunes application.
6. In the iTunes application, select ‘Add File to Library’ from the ‘File’ menu. Browse for the video you downloaded, then click ‘Open.’
7. In the iTunes application, click ‘Edit,’ then click ‘Preferences.’ Click the ‘iPod’ tab, then click ‘Videos,’ ‘Automatically update all videos,’ and ‘OK.’
8. iTunes will automatically copy the video to your iPod.
9. On your iPod, select ‘Videos,’ then select ‘Movies’ to play your video content.

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