$100 Discount on ServerBeach – use coupon code STDJK33XZQ – AKA Tailrank’s Hosting Infrastructure


First things first. Want a $100 discount for ServerBeach?

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I’m continually being asked about our hosting infrastructure and for a discount to ServerBeach so I figured I’d just create a URL I can send out via email.


Both Spinn3r and Tailrank have been hosted at ServerBeach for over two years. To date we’ve been extremely with them. Hardware is reliable except for an occasional drive failure here and there.

We originally started by hosting on simple Athlon servers then migrated to dual-core Opterons in July 2007. At the time this made for about 25 servers hosted with them.


When our databases started to grow we then migrated to dual core Opteron boxes with 8G of memory. Right now we have nearly thirty servers and for the most part have been very happy with their reliability.

The Opterons are working out really well as they’re running Debian Etch which is very modern and makes for a full 64-bit OS.

If any machine has a (rare) hardware problem we just restart them via their Rapid Reboot system. Rapid Reboot is nice because it functions directly from within a web browser. Just hit a button and the machine reboots.

They also have an awesome “Rapid Rescue” system which loads a bare bones kernel on the box. If you make a change to your box and it won’t boot you can recover with a fresh Debian install, fix the problem, and then reboot into your now functional OS.

This has proved valuable because when we provision our boxes we reboot into Rapid Rescue and resize our ext3 filesystems to build SATA software RAID. We also performed a kernel upgrade this way so that we could get 2.6.22 running on their earlier Athlons.


The fact that ServerBeach supports Debian was a big win for us. It allows for easy management of the OS configuration and new and easy package installation.

We also don’t have to worry about custom kernels as Debian has really solid kernel package configuration.

Moving Forward

When we originally started hosting with ServerBeach they didn’t support the functionality we needed to build out a large cluster (this was two years ago).
The original plan was to host a few boxes with them and then contact a VAR and start leasing Dell, HP or SUN hardware.

As time moved on and we started working with ServerBeach more and more they really stepped up to the plate and added more functionality that we needed including:

* Gigabit ethernet
* Dedicated rack
* Multiple data centers (Virgina, San Antonio, and Los Angeles) via PEER1


These guys are great for startups or small companies. I’ve recommended them to about a dozen startups in San Francisco bay area and everyone who has used them has been very happy.

  1. I updated my Serverbeach dedicated hosting review post. It’s #10 for [Serverbeach Review] so I hope some people take a look.

    I just saw the AMD64 pricing… bizarre, it’s cheaper than Dual Athlon MP?

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