ServerBeach Deserves More Credit

For about 5 weeks now I’ve been hosting with ServerBeach and for the most part I’m fairly impressed.

They’re one of a few hosts that actually provide Debian hosting. Their new standard load now has Debian 3.1 (Sarge) and runs kernel 2.6.8. My main box unfortunately runs Debian 3.1 but with an older kernel. I’d love to upgrade to 2.6.8 but this might cost me a lot of time. This of course isn’t their fault. In fact ServerBeach will burn you a whole new OS for free (as part of a trouble ticket) but I can’t afford to do a full reinstall right now.

Debian is an awesome hosting platform. The OS was really designed for hackers to recompile the kernel and install packages (APT!) on the fly. RedHat must be a nightmare to use in a hosted environment.

If you screw anything up they have a cool rapid reboot feature where you can just push a button in a webapp (which of course is password protected) to physically reboot your machine.

Don’t get me wrong. If I had the cash I’d totally buy a cluster of machines and install my own system image but right now I’m trying to reduce my burn rate. Renting machines in this config is a sweet deal.

They seem to be flexible too. I rented a secondary machine last week and they installed it in Virginia (not Texas where my other machine was). I just asked them to reburn it in Texas and in 24 hours it was done. Nice.

Now don’t get me wrong. Running in a hosted environment can be dangerous. It’s important to not get too comfortable because if they have any severe problems it would be nice to migrate your app away from them ASAP.

I’ve seen some negative reports of ServerBeach but nobody’s perfect.

If you decide to sign up make sure to enter my referral code:


This way we both get a rebate. I think we both get $100 after 90 days. Of course $100 is almost a whole month worth of hosting so nothing to scoff at!


This is great! Just installed libc6-i686 2.3.5 on my new box. Worked fine. :)

  1. Kevin,

    I use serverbeach as a backup. They were my primary server when I deployed for my first client.

    30 minutes after the client started using the system, there was a local power outage caused by a car accident that took out a telephone pole. This caused a cascading chain of failures that took the entire data center down for at least 8 hours. For the gory details, see my blog article.

    ServerBeach is good, but you get what you pay for: their backup and fail-over solutions seem threadbare or non-existent. I don’t use them as my primary host anymore.

    However, as long as occasional “system down” situations won’t kill you, it’s well worth the savings.

  2. They’re just a temporary solution. If I had the cash I’d totally host at 365main and have a rack of servers.

    I realize you get what you pay for but for startups trying to bootstrap as fast as possible this is a pretty decent approach.

  3. I hear ya. And I agree, for you they’re not a bad choice right now: I think they’re the best of the discount hosters. Just sharing my personal experiences.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I’m considering them for a project. Price is a big consideration since I’m running out of the “thirld world.”

    Upgrading libc remotely? Living dangerously. :)

  5. As the founder of Serverbeach, I’d like to say that I’m glad you’re enjoying using the service.

    I’ve read through all the comments posted so far, and I can confirm that ServerBeach was not meant as a bullet-proof solution… it was built with the intention that you would use it to prototype or use it for non-mission-critial projects… it was assumed that you’d eventually move to something like 365main.

  6. I just signed up for a server beach account using your referral code, hope it helps.

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