Weblogs as Treemaps

Data Mining did a great piece on rendering blog posts as a treemap:

The 24 hours of blogs data set contains ping information from Weblogs.com for the 28th of July. In what follows, I have rendered the set of URLs that pinged Weblogs.com as a treemap. To make a tree out of a set of URLs, I took the host information, separated the tokens by splitting on the period (.), inverted it, then added the elements of the path. Thus, datamining.typepad.com/data_mining would become the sequence com, typepad, datamining, data_mining. The overall data set – i.e. 503, 187 URLs looks like this:

This is one of the rare cases where I’ve actually found treemap’s useful.

IT would also be nice to just see hosting providers as a treemap as well as the software powering the blog.

I’m working on a new blog research framework and I might throw something together bit it might take me a week or two.

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